We are recruiting.  If you have experience in the rail sector, and want to progress your career, we can help you. 

McGinley is responsible for 100% of contingent labour in three routes, following a big contract win with Network Rail.  From 1 October 2021, we are covering: 

  • Southern: Wessex 

  • NW&C: North West 

  • NW&C: Central & West Coast Mainline South 

  • Electrification (nationwide) 

  • Signalling (nationwide) 


Maximise your long-term earning potential 

We will be offering more training to maintain your existing competences, plus learn new skills so you can get more senior roles and earn more money.  

We want you all to get the full career benefits from the busy rail sector.  


Job security and benefits

The contract lasts five years (possibly longer).  We can offer job security and several benefits with different types of employment. 


We can now provide all workers with: 

  • Long term assignments and contract lengths  
  • Opportunities to develop your skills and progress 
  • Increasing numbers of shifts 
  • Greater consistency of work 
  • Work close to your home 

Our PAYE workers will also benefit with: 

  • Up to £250 better off  
  • Potential guaranteed number of shifts per week 
  • Furlough Payments in the event of a Pandemic 
  • Greater ability to improve your credit rating 


Contact 0808 118 3220 or send an email to Resourcing@mcginley.co.uk to register your interest. 

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