Commercial Assistant

£24,000 - £38,000 per annum


Nottingham, UK

Flexi Apprenticeship Team

Ref No: CANOTT17062022_1655470256

Role Summary:
To provide an internal support service to the company by undertaking a range of commercial
administrative tasks within a structured and timed environment. Ensuring that information with a commercial or financial implication flows speedily and accurately to the right parties, supporting
subsequent accounting processes.

How the role impacts the business:
This role ensures that information with a commercial or financial implication gets to the people that need it at the right time and, by ensuring data accuracy, the role helps to make sure that invoicing and payments are correct for customers, workers and suppliers. This reduces debtor and creditor problems and can influence company profitability.

Main Responsibilities:
Working within an Operations Support Team, the jobholder will be expected to undertake a range of support tasks. Fully detailed task lists are available and consist of a variety of data processing, verification and administrative tasks. The jobholder may be asked to complete some or many of the types of tasks listed below. Tasks will be set within daily, weekly or monthly frameworks.
* Regular telephone, email interaction with internal staff
* Verifying accuracy of data
* Reviewing data with originators
* Requesting others to record and send information
* Monitoring screen or printed reports for errors or deficiencies
* Preparing reports on company activities
* Planning tasks for the future
* Preparing key performance commercial data for customers
* Issuing purchase orders on behalf of the company
* Buying goods and services on behalf of the company
* Checking invoices and purchase orders for accuracy
* Liaise with accounts team to ensure cost coding of documents is accurate
* Calculating budgets for goods and services using Excel
* Checking budgets against sums being spent
* Monitoring spending against budgets and creating early warnings on overspends
* Talking to internal staff about how much ahead or behind budgets they are
* Talking to internal staff about the goods and services they need to purchase
* Giving approvals to staff to spend sums based on a set of rules
* Running computer programs at intervals
* Administer all non-Labour chargeable and non-chargeable direct cost of sale items supplied by our delivery teams to our customers.
* Administer Supplier pricing schedules in Purchase Order system

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