February 7 2023

6 reasons why an inclusive workplace culture is beneficial to EVERYONE:

Our colleagues over at The Big Rail Diversity Challenge put together the below blog on why an inclusive workplace is beneficial to everyone, and this National Inclusion Week, it's more important than ever! 


6 reasons why an inclusive workplace culture is beneficial to EVERYONE:


Promotes innovation
A diverse workforce adds new skills to teams - helping deliver innovative solutions which not only improves your company's performance, but the sector as a whole.

Improves physical and mental wellbeingEmployees working for an organisation with an inclusive culture tend to have better mental and physical health. 

Better decision-making
Diverse teams generate information-rich discussions which drive better and more relevant decisions, not just benefitting the team but also the organisation.

Improves staff morale
Workplaces where employees feel recognised and valued creates positive working relationships, boosting morale and making individuals feel happier, relaxed and more motivated.

Builds employer/employee trust
An environment where everyone is encouraged and feels safe to express their opinions freely and honestly is beneficial to both you and your company.

Reduces discrimination and prejudice
Interacting and sharing with colleagues from various backgrounds leads to better understanding, reducing prejudices and stereotyping.

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