March 7 2023

Day in the Life: Janet Hector - Corporate Social Responsibility Manager

Meet Janet - our Corporate Social Responsibility Manager!


How long have you been in the infrastructure industry?  And McGinley?

13 years this week, this was my first job in Infrastructure.


Run through of an average day. 

My day is never average, but having said that, I always start my day by checking my emails and see if I need to finish any outstanding tasks or queries. A big part of my role is supporting our apprentices and at the moment I am responsible for over 50 apprentices. So, there are a lot of queries to sort out!

I am also responsible for leading our Corporate Social Responsibility Programme, which means  I could be presenting a CV workshop in a prison one day and visiting a school for mock interviews or Women in Construction workshops the next. I also attend career fairs and events to promote our job opportunities and apprenticeships to a range of people from all walks of life.


What led you to join the infrastructure industry?

I had been made redundant and one of my clients suggested me as a suitable candidate for a Marketing Manager at McGinley. It was very different from my previous role, being on the agency side and I had never thought of Infrastructure before, but I loved it from the get-go and never looked back.


What career advice would you give to your younger self?

Never give up.  I was lucky I was confident and outgoing and never out of work, but I wish I had done better at school and applied myself, especially for my exams. Give lots of things a try, you don’t need to decide at 18!

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