March 8 2023

Day in the Life: Jo Honeyman - Business Manager

Meet Jo - our Business Manager!


How long have you been in the infrastructure industry? And McGinley?

20 years this year, and the same for McGinley apart from a small gap.


Run through of an average day. 

No day is the same for me, the routine of running a region was very different. My schedule is led by our client and worker requirements. I just do not know what the first phone call will be!

I can wear a multitude of different hats in a day, from speaking with a worker who has had an issue on-site to in the next minute discussing commercials with a Director Level Client.

I enjoy the challenge of ‘the unknown’ and more so relish the self-learning opportunities each day presents.

Just this week,  I learnt from our Chief Operating Officer (COO) how the annual CPI (Consumer Price Index) rate increases are calculated and applied to existing contract rate cards. It seemed such a simple mechanic once he explained the process.


What led you to join the infrastructure industry?

I worked in Adult Healthcare before applying for a job here as an Office Administrator back in 2003. I just swapped looking after people to looking after the rail.

The career progression in my first 10 years kept me hungry for the next step. Widening my knowledge base across the different areas of the rail industry has been extremely challenging due to the strict safety protocols and competency management involved within our sector. It has been hugely rewarding being armed to turn my hand to all delivery, compliance, and commercial aspects of the business. I have gained many strings to my bow, and now at 44, I know what I am best at and what I enjoy the most.


What career advice would you give to your younger self?

Believe in yourself sooner. Age, race, gender etc do not matter, none of these things makes anyone more suitable for a job or promotion than the next.  I did doubt myself, and at times still do, a good measure of humbleness! If I had my time again, I would hope to at this stage be just a small step away from that COO position telling a much younger me, the way in which CPI works!!

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