December 10 2018

Helping the Homeless This Christmas

There are many reasons why a person can become homeless, from personal individual circumstances to adverse 'structural' factors outside their control. These problems can build up over years until the final crisis moment when a person becomes homeless.

Facing Christmas in these circumstances can be extremely hard and here at Team McGinley, we would like to support those that are trying to make a difference. 

This year we will be making up 'Care Packs' to distribute to those in need through local homeless organisations   
'Care Packs' will include (but not limited):
- Rucksacks
- Sleeping bags
- Socks
- Hats
- Gloves
- Sanitary Towels
- Hand wipes or sanitiser
- Reusable water bottles
- Granola bars
- Food / Café vouchers
- Snoods
- Nail clippers
- Toothbrushes
- Toothpaste

How can you help Team McGinley? 



Option 1:

Make an item donation  

If you have any new or unused items from the lists above and would like to donate them to a Care Pack for the homeless, please bring them or send them into our Watford Office for the attention of Rebecca Meggs.

Items will then be placed in a care pack and distributed.



Option 2:

Make a donation to our  Go Fund Me page   



If you would like to help but do not have any suitable new or unused items for a Care Pack, you are able to make a donation to the Team McGinley Go Fund Me Page via the following link:

Items will then be purchased, placed into a care pack and distributed.





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