August 8 2013

High Praise for SafetyINRail

McGinley Support Services produces a quarterly safety publication that is available to all concerned with rail safety. McGinley continually strive to promote rail safety to all and we are very proud of the way Safety IN Rail has evolved. Please read some of the recent comments we have received from senior rail industry clients and contractors.

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‘I have read right through the Newsletter and I thought that the content was excellent’

‘We should learn from this. It’s professionally produced, concise, easy to cascade and relevant’

‘To be honest I have not received this before and I was going to delete it without opening it, but I opened it up and read the whole lot, absolutely brilliant’

‘sometimes people take Sub Contractors for granted and do not think that their main aim is on Safety but your Publication focused on Safety on every page, keep me in your mailing list, I look forward to the next Issue’

‘A great publication. Excellent content. Is there any chance I could get on the circulation list?’

And from Austrailia!

‘I have just seen your wonderful newsletter. Could you please include me on your mailing list?
We are always keen to share and learn about rail safety initiatives’

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