December 14 2022

Look out for each other this winter

This winter we need to look out for each other and highlight dangers to ensure that we all get home safely every day. Team McGinley and the TSA have produced a number of safety briefs and materials to support you. 

Look out for our material across the winter including briefings from our OSHE Director John Jebson highlighting the importance of 'Prep4Winter'

Make sure you are prepared for winter and keep each other safe

Winter safety advice can often tell us things that we already know.

For example, we all know that pavements and roads become slippery in cold and wet weather, and we should take extra care. Even though we know this, more accidents and incidents happen in the winter months because many of us forget the risks we take when we’re in a rush.

We need to look out for each other and highlight dangers to make sure that we all get home safely every day.

Our actions affect others

Whenever there’s an accident, however small, it affects you, the people around you, your colleagues, and even your family. So when you act in a safe way it ensures that everyone connected to you is safe too.

Something to think about:

By challenging your colleagues’ unsafe behaviour, you’re looking out for them and, in turn, the people they care about.

What will our briefings cover? 


  • Booking and using local accommodation to prevent long journeys
  • Planning to allow rotation of work activities and adequate breaks
  • Adequate welfare facilities on all sites


  • Driver Competence
  • Vehicle Checks
  • Low sun/ Sun glare


  • Sustenance
  • Keeping warm
  • Prep4Safety

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Keeping visible
  • Keeping clean and dry
  • Correct PPE


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