December 30 2022

McGinley champions diversity as it takes part in Race Equality Week 2023

McGinley is proud to be participating in Race Equality Week, from 6 to 12 February 2023.

Race Equality Week will unite thousands of organisations in action to seriously address race inequality in the workplace.

A UK-wide initiative, Race Equality Week was launched by community interest company Race Equality Matters to turn words into meaningful action; a movement spurred on by the events of 2020, which have heightened the country’s collective consciousness of the racism, inequality,  and injustice experienced by ethnically diverse communities.

Over 3,500 organisations were engaged in Race Equality Week 2022.

The Theme

This year’s theme, #ItsEveryonesBusiness, was selected by the Race Equality Matters Community. 79% of respondents believed this theme would have a meaningful impact in tackling race inequality.

#ItsEveryonesBusiness reflects ongoing findings and feedback.  Recent surveys within the community revealed that 63% of respondents think there has been little or no change in tackling race inequality in the last 12 months; just 38% of respondents said their organisations focus on action, not words; only 26% said their senior leaders are playing a key part and only 38% said allies are playing a key part.

The drive to achieve race equality must come from everyone! If not, it can be a lonely battle.

If we can involve the majority, if not everyone, in organisations across the UK, we will see a much-needed shift, in beliefs, cultures, behaviours, and positive outcomes for race equality.

That is why the 2023 Race Equality Week theme is #ItsEveryonesBusiness #ActionDrivesChange.

Race Equality Week is a positive force for action.

We are asking our customers, employees, partners, and networks to join us and thousands of other organisations by participating in Race Equality Week and taking meaningful action towards tackling the barriers to race equality.

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