July 28 2017

McGinley publish Infrastructure Insight Report

The UK’s political and social landscape is more turbulent than at any time in decades. The unexpected General Election result has left manifesto pledges discarded and resulted in hasty deals to ensure key legislation gets through Parliament. The government has also started the negotiations that will decide the UK’s future relationship with Europe.

This uncertainty has an impact on the infrastructure sector. Employers want to know who is going to fund major projects to where their workforce will come from. Designers and contractors must work out how the political climate will affect their businesses, while delivering the infrastructure that will drive economic growth. The most recently published National Infrastructure and Construction Pipeline contains £500bn of projects, and the supply chain has been focused on working out how it can deliver these safely, efficiently and with minimum environmental impact.

This report, produced by McGinley Support Services in partnership with New Civil Engineer, is designed to aid engineers charged with managing and delivering infrastructure projects in the current uncertain climate. It highlights issues affecting six key areas: economics and workload; social and employment; legal and compliance; the political landscape; technological change; and the environment.

The report - the first in a regular series - also comes as infrastructure delivery teams are being asked to be more innovative than ever before - embracing technological change, investing in research, adopting new practices and techniques; and also more aware than ever of their environmental and social responsibilities.

This report identifies how the infrastructure supply chain is responding to these challenges.

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