September 29 2017

McGinley Sign the World Mental Health Day Pledge

October 10th 2017 marks an anniversary: The coming together to celebrate World Mental Health Day for the 25th time!

World Federation for Mental Health founded the awareness day in 1992 and since then people all over the world are holding events, making announcements and celebrating #WorldMentalHealthDay.

The Theme of World Mental Health Day 2017

The focus for 2017 is the work-life balance. Work-life balance is a priority for many employees. Millennials are looking for a good work/life balance and strong diversity policies to support their wellbeing at work.

Workplace Stats

  • 10% of the employed population have taken time off work for depression.
  • An average of 36 workdays are lost per depression episode. 
  • 50% of people with depression are untreated.
  • Cognitive symptoms of depression, such as for instance difficulties in concentrating, making decisions and remembering, are present up to 94% of the time during an episode of depression (1), causing significant impairment in work function and productivity (2).
  • 43% of managers want better policies.  People find it difficult to disclose that they have mental health difficulties in the workplace—yet nobody is immune from mental health difficulties. 

Showcasing our commitment

McGinley is proud to support World Mental Health Day by signing the World Mental Health Day 2017 Pledge.

We pledge to support the mental health of our workforce. We commit our team to doing our best at being proactive in promoting:

  • Appreciation of employees and workers
  • Creation of a supportive environment
  • Identification of early signs of burnout
  • Creation an organizational culture which reflects value systems and beliefs
  • Stress management
  • Building awareness and reducing stigma
  • Mental health wellness and providing support for employees who need it.

For more details on World Mental Health Day please visit or for more information on McGinley Support Services pledge to World Mental Health Day contact Fiona Burke via


(1) Conradi JH et al. Psychological Medicine. 2011;41:1165-1174, (2) Greer TL et al. CNS Drugs. 2010;24(4):267-284.

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