August 9 2018

Over & Out! Mission Bookworm is complete


Day 10 - 6.00pm

Mission Bookworm – The BIG Reveal

Over and out!

It’s the end of Mission Bookworm and at Team McGinley we are excited to finally be able to reveal all of our hard work over the last 10 days.

Did you guess our top secret location?

That’s right, Mission Bookworm is the renovation of a local school library (we know the codename wasn’t that good after all!)

McGinley is proud to have supported Park Street C of E Primary and Nursery School in the full renovation of their library.

Working together, volunteers from Team McGinley, our contractor and school staff have created a vibrant and exciting new learning environment for the entire school with a specialised “tech area” to encourage STEM learning. 





Day 10 - 1.00pm

Final Mission Update 

With only a few hours to go our reading buddies and other soft furnishings are arriving on site to complete Mission Bookworm.

Check out a sneak peek of them below and make sure you check back later today for the big reveal. 

Day 10 - 9.00am  

Mission Update

The time has come! Today is our tenth and final day on Mission Bookworm. It has been fantastic to see Team McGinley volunteers working with our contractor to transform our top secret location for our local community and we can't wait to show off the final results. 

Make sure you check back later today for the big reveal


Day 9 - 4.00pm  

Mission Update

It may be raining outside but we need our sunglasses on site of Mission Bookworm. After much debate on site from "Super Sander" and "Agent Graphics" all the custom fixtures and fittings have been painted Blue Venetian Crystal. Looking good Team McGinley. Not long to go now! 


Day 9 - 10.00am  

Mission Update

It's a new week on Mission Bookworm and with only 48 hours to go there is no time for the Monday Blues. Team McGinley are onsite working hard printing and finalising all of our custom fixtures and fittings. Watch this space for a sneak peek later on today of our progress. 


Day 8 - 5.30pm  

Mission Update

Over and out!

Its the end of the week on Mission Bookworm and what a week it's been!

Well done to all our "superhero" volunteers from Team McGinley, you have all worked extremely hard to keep Mission Bookworm on track and worked even harder to keep the details under wraps. We would also like to say a big thank you to Isabella and Oscar, members of our top secret location for helping us with wall cleaning and painting.

With only 2 days left on Mission Bookworm, have you guessed our secret location yet? 

We will leave you with a sneak peek of one of our handmade new fixtures and fittings to give you a clue. Make sure you check back next week for our final site updates and the big reveal of our top secret location.

Happy Weekend! 



Day 8 - 9.00am  

Mission Update

After much debate on site, the blues have it!

Check out some sneaky late night pics of "Agent Graphics" and "Super Sander" getting their painting groove on at Mission Bookworm

"We have absolutely loved being part of Mission Bookworm and with only 2 days to go until works finish we can't wait to see the final results" 

Rebecca Meggs and Kelley Bissell 






Day 7 - 4.30pm 

Mission Update

Caught in the act… "Agent Graphics" and "Super Sander" just couldn't stay away from Mission Bookworm and have arrived on site to lend a hand! Keep tuned for some sneaky late night pics. 



Day 7 - 11.00am 

Mission Update

Is it a plane... is it a its a sneak peek at one of our custom-made fixtures and fittings on Mission Bookworm


Day 7 - 11.00am 

Mission Update

It's a very wet and grey day today at Mission Bookworm but it won't stop us from completing today's tasks and we have some big colour decisions to make. Watch this space.

Which colour would you pick? 




Day 6 - 4.30pm

Mission Update

Team McGinley have been on a site visit to Mission Bookworm today.. take a look at our sneak peek of works below.

Have you worked out what our top secret location is yet? 



Day 5 - 5.00pm 

Mission Update

"DIY Guru" Ryan Wilson has completed his flat pack taming on Mission Bookworm. Now for some much-needed rest. Speaking from the site, Ryan said

“What a great day we have had on Mission Bookworm. I really enjoyed being part of this brilliant community project, and after today’s performance, I think I can now be officially crowned the flat pack king! Good luck to the next batch of volunteers!”



Day 5 - 2.30pm 

Mission Update 

Check out our sneak peek of "DIY Guru" on site of Mission Bookworm. Keep going Team McGinley we are almost halfway there! 

Have you worked out what our top secret location is yet? 



Day 5 - 10.00am 

Mission Update 

Got a text! Our Trades & Labour Manager, Ryan Wilson aka "DIY Guru" is on his way to Mission Bookworm. Make sure to check back for some sneak peeks of his progress this afternoon. 





Day 4 - 5.30pm

Mission Update 

Exciting news! Our Trades & Labour Manager, Ryan Wilson is dusting off his superhero PPE tomorrow to become "DIY Guru" for Mission Bookworm. He will be joining Team McGinley on site to help tame the flat pack mayhem. Good Luck! 




Day 4 -  3.00pm

Mission Update

Our "Agent Graphics", Kelley Bissell has been hard at work this afternoon on site of Mission Bookworm. No amount of rain will stop us now! 




Her assistants Isabella and Oscar have been working extremely hard too painting walls... and themselves in mineral mist blue. 


Speaking from our top secret location

“We had a fantastic day at Mission Bookworm. Isabella and Oscar have loved working on site and getting their hands dirty supporting this project. With a little support from a few residents in the local community, we were able to make excellent progress. I even managed to use some of my creative skill, which were a little rusty but I got there in the end. This is such a rewarding project I look forward to the unveiling” 

Kelley Bissell 



Day 4 - 11.00am 

Mission Update 

Exciting news! Our Bid Manager Kelley Bissell will be digging out her superhero outfit today to become "Agent Graphics" and joining our safety mascot SAM on site for Mission Bookworm. She will also be joined by her children Isabella and Oscar who are members of our top secret location. Good Luck!


Keep tuned for some sneak peeks of their progress this afternoon. 






Day 3 - 7.00pm 

Mission Update 

Day 3 is complete and our "Super Sander" Rebecca Meggs has been hard at work over the last 48 hours on Mission Bookworm. 


"It has been a fantastic weekend working on Mission Bookworm, I have discovered DIY skills that I didn't even know I had... and some that need improving but I am really pleased with how much we have achieved in such a short space of time. Good luck for the next phase Team McGinley."

Rebecca Meggs



Day 3 - 10.00am 

Mission Update

Waste not want not! We are getting in touch with our green side here on Mission Bookworm. The old fixtures and fittings are going to be made into a trophy cabinet and shelving at our top secret location. 




Day 2 - 6.00pm

Mission Update 

One day down, one more to go. Our Marketing Communications Manager, Rebecca Meggs aka our "Super Sander" has been on site of  Mission Bookworm all day working hard! The priming coat of wall paint begins tomorrow, better get some rest "Super Sander" Keep you the good work, Team McGinley. 


P.S. We managed to sneak some pics of "Super Sander" on site.. check them out below. 



Day 2 - 9.00am

Mission Update 

Team McGinley are officially on site of Mission Bookworm and ready for lift off. Good Luck our Marketing Communications Manager, Rebecca Meggs aka "Super Sander". Check out a sneak peek of our top secret location below. 




Day 1 - 5.30pm

Mission Update 

Exciting news! Our Marketing Communications Manager, Rebecca Meggs is donning her superhero outfit this weekend to become "Super Sander" and joining our safety mascot SAM on site for Mission Bookworm. Good Luck! Keep tuned for some sneak peeks of her progress this weekend. 


" I am so excited to be part of Mission Bookworm and to be giving back to our local community. It's going to be a tough weekend but I can't wait to see the final result." 

Rebecca Meggs 





Day 1 - 9.00am

Mission Update

Final planning meeting at our top secret location has been completed. Materials are arriving ready for the start of works tomorrow. 




Day 0 

Mission Announcement 

24 hours to go!

Team McGinley and our contractor will be embarking on Mission Bookworm over the next 10 days. We will be transforming a top secret location in our community. Watch this space for more details. 


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