December 18 2018

Rail safety tips to follow this Christmas

With the Christmas festivities well underway, lots of people will be travelling near and far to celebrate the season with loved ones. But it’s important to stay safe this Christmas when travelling by train, particularly while the weather is cold and icy. 

To ensure you can celebrate the season safely, we’ve put together a short list of ways that you can keep safe when travelling by train this Christmas. 

Wear sensible footwear

Although the snow can make a traditional British station look beautiful, it can also be a slip hazard. So put those high heels in your bag, and ensure you wear sensible footwear with grip so you don’t slip when catching your train. 

Wrap up warm

As well as being wary of your footwear, you’ll also want to ensure you wrap up warm. Christmastime is the busiest time of year for our stations, so delays are certainly likely. Make sure you keep warm with a big coat, scarf and anything else you may need on hand in case you get delayed. 

Safety in numbers

Travelling late at night after a few festive tipples? Don’t take chances – ensure you’re travelling with a big group and don’t travel alone if you can help it. If you have to travel by yourself, make sure you text a friend to let them know where you are, what stations you’re travelling to and when you expect to be home. 

Keep a clear head

Although it’s party season, ensure you don’t get too intoxicated when catching the train. Not only does it make you more vulnerable, but you also want to keep your wits about you and ensure you don’t fall down stairs, slip on icy platforms, fall getting off the train or worse – fall onto the tracks. 

Plan ahead

During the festive season, British trains are at their busiest. From hectic stations to packed-out trains, it can often be difficult to navigate through. It’s worth planning ahead by pre-purchasing tickets and ensuring you give yourself enough time to get to your train. It is always also worth leaving enough time or having a plan B in case of delays or other complications. You can also check for planned maintenance, using National Rail’s journey checker

It’s also worth bearing in mind that if you’re travelling with someone older or with poor mobility, there may not be any unreserved seats available upon boarding. Tackle this by making sure you pre-purchase tickets and reserve a seat, or talk to the staff about finding them a seat. 

If you’re concerned about travelling by rail this festive season, ensure you speak to a train station assistant at the stations you’ll be visiting and take notice of these tips to keep your journey as smooth as possible. 

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