November 29 2019

RailStaff Awards: McGinley Win Safety Team of the Year!

An Award-Winning Team

We are pleased to reveal that the McGinley SAM app contributed to our Safety Team winning “Safety Team of the Year” at the Railstaff Awards 2019.

SAM is just one of the new and improved innovations in our safety toolbox, which is dedicated to keeping our workforce safe every day.

Speaking at the event, John Jebson, HSQE Director said: “SAM takes mobile platforms to the next level. It’s not one dimensional in one direction communications. It’s taking a communication that we want to give to the workforce and then receiving an equivalent communication back. So we can brief things in real time, get feedback and we can get worker participation a lot easier than just sending a one-way message. Everybody carries a real-time these days, so this is the next step in safety for everyone!”

What is SAM?

Our new updated SAM (Safety at McGinley) app is just the latest in a line of safety innovations and initiatives from the McGinley Safety Team.

Building on the first edition of the SAM app which allowed those with a Sentinel ID to report a close call, phase two enhances this by letting any member of our workforce raise a close call with their Employee ID or Sentinel ID.

In addition; three new innovative sections have been added


Split into two main sections;

  1. Give new briefing – allowing you to read/give multiple safety briefings
  2. Briefing history - allows you to see what briefings you have been given or have issued to others. 


Links to the McGinley Support Services jobs page, allowing you to view the latest vacancies to share with friends, family and colleagues


Direct access to the Sentinel website, where you can log in to check the status of your existing competencies and set an alert to notify you of their expiry.

Check out the “how-to” guide on these new features HERE

For more information on SAM, please contact or our Marketing Communications Manager Rebecca Meggs on 01923 696 764.

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