July 29 2010

The recent quarterly CIPD/KPMG Labour Market Outlook

The recent quarterly CIPD/KPMG Labour Market Outlook highlights the significant difference between the public and private sectors in terms of ‘net employment intentions’ in the current quarter. It suggests that, in the short term at least, the public sector will lose more jobs than the private sector will gain. The Coalition Government will be hoping that this does not become a trend given the aspiration that the private sector will soak up significant public sector job losses. There are areas of increased vacancy demand in the private sector today, which recruitment agencies are helping to fill, the key is planning ahead and matching the skills and experience of public sector workers becoming available. Local Authorities and other Public Sector organisations must engage with recruitment companies that can provide redeployment and outplacement services in order to maximise the opportunities for employees facing redundancy. Speed is important though and, with the spending review around the corner, the public sector should be talking to the right employment businesses sooner rather than later.

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