February 14 2022

What does it mean to love your job?

When you love what you do, you don’t consider your job a burden on your time - you see it as something that you choose to do because you enjoy it.  It is something that you genuinely choose to do and gives you great satisfaction.  It feels good because it helps you achieve your goals and improves your skills, which all help your wellbeing.

With all jobs, there may be parts that you enjoy less than others.  However, when you finish those tasks the sense of accomplishment for completing them feels great – we all enjoy the feeling of ticking things off the To-Do list!  

If we can achieve the right balance, finding happiness and love for your job will help your overall everyday happiness. Renowned psychologist RJ Sternberg specialises in research on happiness, love, and intelligence, plus the connections between them. He has found that when you love the job you do, you will feel connected, passionate, and committed to your work. Once you have these three components, you will often find yourself looking forward to going to work and all the tasks that you need to complete. it is hard to dread going to a job on Monday morning if it brings you happiness!

Why loving your job is important:

  • Happier everyday life
  • Better mental health
  • Better overall health and wellbeing
  • Better quality of work
  • Increased productivity
  • Better job retention
  • More confidence
  • Increased motivation in all activities
  • Stronger engagement on tasks
  • Fewer mistakes within work

When you love what you do for a job and manage to find a role that gives you the right work-life balance, you will find this brings so many positives to your life. Your work will be more consistent, and you are able to focus more easily both inside and outside of work. That means spending more quality time outside of work not worrying about what you need to do. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, a Hungarian psychologist reported that the state of flow known as “being in the zone” mainly comes from finding enjoyment in your work. When you are in this state of flow, you become more creative, focussed and often think of ideas and solutions a lot faster.

As a result of doing great work, you should enjoy better benefits from your employer such as bonuses etc. and have a greater feeling of being valued within your team. Enjoying a happy work-life can also encourage healthier lifestyle choices outside of work and help to prevent physical and mental illness in the future.

Steve Jobs said that “the only way to produce great work is by loving your job” and this will lead to success in the workplace.

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