March 11 2022

What is CSCS and how do I get a card?

The CSCS scheme is short for the Construction Skills Certification Scheme. It is the main skills certification scheme throughout the construction industry in the UK. The scheme provides proof of a worker’s level of competence and helps us all ensure construction sites remain safe.

The construction sector is currently booming, and we are encouraging new applicants to join to help us fill jobs.  229,000 people applied to join the CSCS scheme last year as these skills are in demand.



While it's not a legal requirement to have a CSCS card, employers usually expect it, so you will want to get one to build your career in construction.

The main value of the CSCS scheme is that it validates a worker’s identity and their skills. Without this sort of scheme, people could claim to have skills that they do not actually have. In many ways, it allows employers to verify what you might put on your CV.

Safety on a construction is essential. The CSCS scheme shows you have certain training and understand how to work and stay safe on site. All applicants must pass a health and safety test to qualify.



One source of confusion is that there isn't just one CSCS card. In fact, there are 13 different live cards, which represent different roles, skills and occupations. These range from apprentices up to site visitors or supervisors. An operative may have the green card, while a senior manager may have qualified for the black card.

The CSCS cardfinder website provides lots of information, including which health, safety and environmental tests you need to take and pass to qualify.  Visit

To apply for a CSCS card, you can speak to the contact centre on 0344 99 44 777.

Don’t forget you will need to make sure that you have identification and proof of your qualifications prior to applying for the card. You will also need details of any previous jobs and employers to hand. One piece of good news is that cost of the card is only £36 (Feb 2022), which seems a good deal for all the CSCS card does.

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