Street Lighting Operations Manager

Stockport District, UK £40,000 - £40,300 per annum



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Brian McVeigh


01923 696 608

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To direct and supervise personnel to maximise performance and achieve planned objectives by setting work plans and targets, conducting appraisals and dealing with the preliminary and intermediate stages of performance management.
To review, revise and innovate as necessary standard operating procedures to ensure they deliver the safest, most efficient and effective way of achieving the desired outcomes.
To ensure that Service Level Agreements; contracts and financial targets are met and that the necessary resources are available to do this. Where necessary this will require the authorisation of expenditure up to the value of £25,000 in any single transaction.
To ensure all reporting staff are properly supported, motivated, trained and equipped to fulfil the roles and responsibilities required of them.
To assist in the development, implementation and monitoring of learning and development and enforcement initiatives associated with the Service's key objective and to report on these, as required.
To contribute to the implementation, development and operation of performance management and Quality Management Systems and report on performance, as required.
To contribute to service developments (including ICT) at inception, development, implementation and revision and to ensure that the necessary support to service development is provided by the staff within the post-holder's responsibility.
To attend and represent the Service on such internal and external bodies and partnerships as may be necessary and relevant to the post-holder's remit.
To contribute to the business planning process and to produce, monitor and report on such operational plans as are necessary to achieve the relevant objectives in the plan.
To develop and deliver presentations and activities to a wide range of audiences to promote the objectives and the best image of the Service.
To contribute to the development, design and production of customer information and service promotion and to manage and supervise the distribution of these, as necessary.
To ensure that all tasks, customer enquiries, and applications within the post holder's remit are completed and resolved in line with the appropriate policies and procedures and timescales within the Quality Management System and to report on the same, as required.

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