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Track labour

track recruitment with McGinley


McGinley Support Services is a RISQS accredited supplier of personnel and support services to the national rail and metro sectors.

Our rail recruitment division has been successful, growing to become one of the largest suppliers of contingent labour in the UK and a significant provider of professional and technical staff to the rail sector. 

Based on the proactive management of a core workforce we can plan, train and respond quickly in safely deploying the teams our customers need.

McGinley Support Services is a 24-hour business. Our teams work around the clock, reflecting the business needs of our customers. We ensure efficient availability and reliability for all of your labour needs, whilst offering an exceptionally high level of service for any concerns, issues or queries that may arise at any time, 24/7.

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Safety is very important to us, which is why we are dedicated to producing our bi-annual our in-house safety magazine SafetyINRail and proud of our safety innovative app technology SAM and McGinley SECURE. 


From highly skilled systems engineers, signalling and electrification staff through to protection/warning and track workers, we can deliver comprehensive railway recruitment solutions. Our flexible teams are multi-skilled and equipped with the tools and equipment required. A nationwide transport service ensures that the customer gets a convenient and reliable service; a key objective is to help improve efficiency and lower costs.

  • Safety critical workers
  • Off track pts workers
  • On track pts workers
  • Supervision
  • Atws and lows
  • Electrification & isolations
  • Signals & telecoms
  • Safety, compliance & training



  • Please contact John Jebson

    07816 442 672

  • or email

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