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Waste sector recruitment with McGinley

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The UK government is estimated to invest £5.2 billion into waste infrastructure by 2021. This is on top of investments from the private sector.

McGinley Support Services are uniquely positioned to address the challenge of the skills shortage in the waste sector.  With our expertise through eight other safety critical infrastructure sectors we can move individuals and teams across different projects and developments that require similar skill sets. Our adaptability and client-focused approach means that we can provide the staff and operatives that are difficult to source within the waste sector alone.

Within the waste sector there is a need for a diverse workforce with an equally diverse range of skills, from waste management experts who are up-to-date with planning and regulations to waste disposal and removal specialists. At McGinley we provide staff across all levels of the waste sector and we ensure that all personnel we provide are trained in safety and risk management so they can carry out their projects with safety in mind.

Flexible, Multi Skilled Teams

Through our national network of locations we are well placed to support the construction and maintenance of the new and existing waste infrastructure the country needs. This also allows us to bring local expertise within a national scope of operations.

A particular focus on the rapidly growing number of energy from waste developments allows us to use expertise across different utilities sectors, particularly with our expertise with energy recruitment, which means we can provide tailor-made solutions to contractors in this area.

Up-skilling will be a crucial element in overcoming the skills gap in the waste industry; again this is a particular challenge where McGinley Support Services can support the industry. Through our National Skills Academy recognised in-house training division we make sure all operatives placed on site have all the correct competencies and are fully conscious of Health and Safety processes. 

McGinley Support Services offers a comprehensive package of recruitment solutions across all aspects of waste infrastructure. No matter what your requirements, our expertise in recruiting built up for the past four decades makes us the best labour supply partner for your project.



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