Our values

Built on family values

We are a family business, and what we care about is driven by a set of core family values that are all interwoven and all important. We’ve adapted those attitudes to help us run our business and now such values as Integrity, respect, safety, inclusion, endeavour and improvement define how we behave.


Risk is always evolving, COVID’s proved that. So we stay close to our workforce, assessing risk from the front line and working with customers to mitigate and communicate.

Keeping promises

Keeping our word is important so if we can’t do something we’ll tell you beforehand and if we make a promise we’ll work hard to deliver.


We believe everyone should have the same life chances and pursue the principles of diversity and inclusion, taking positive action where we can to make a difference.


As a business, when it comes to our people we are guided by principles and ethics. That is why we are signatories of the People Matter Charter.


Things are moving faster than you think. In 5 years we’ll be recruiting for customers in a completely different way, so we’re always changing and adapting.


We are transparent and willing to share. We’ll work with customers, joint venture partners, labour desk peers and our supply chain in open and collaborative relationships

Mental Health

We understand the importance of maintaining good mental health. We are signatories of the Building Mental Health Charter and key staff are trained mental health first aiders.

The community

We’re helping new entrants from disadvantaged backgrounds or with protected characteristics into work, but we know we can do more with customers’ help and support.


Our membership of the Supply Chain Sustainability School helps us understand how our actions can have a wider impact and steers us with training and best practice information.

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