McGinley offers standard apprenticeships starting from a 13-month period and tailored to infrastructure competencies. We also provide Flexi-job apprenticeships, which offers more flexibility, ideal for contractors with shorter-duration projects.

McGinley is an accredited Flexi-job Apprenticeship Agency

The Department for Education approved McGinley as one of the original 15 Flexi-job Apprenticeship agencies in 2022.

What is a Flexi-job apprenticeship?

Most apprenticeships have a minimum 12-month duration. That is a long time considering many projects in the infrastructure sector can last only a few months.

The Flexi-job apprenticeship has a minimum 3-month commitment, making it ideal for infrastructure projects across highways, construction, civils, rail, utilities etc.

The apprentice is assigned to several different host employers during the programme. 

We are looking for host employers to take apprentices. For more information, please get in touch with our team via

Benefits of taking on apprentices

- It is important we all keep attracting new entrants to the infrastructure sector and an Apprentice is a great way to boost your social value activity.

- Allow you to take an apprentice for short durations (minimum 3 months) to fit around your works’ programme

- The contractor only pays the charge rate while the apprentice is working on site

- McGinley uses levy funding to pay for the training.

- All Flexi-job apprentices are directly employed by McGinley

- Targeting local labour, minimise travel

- Hassle-free with McGinley pastoral care


Act as Host employer

- Each apprentice needs to work on-site, so we place them with host employers for this and arrange the allocations to work on shifts.

- McGinley employs the apprentice, handles all the HMRC/IR35 compliance and arranges training.

- Minimum 3-month commitment

- Find out what courses we offer here


Share the requirement with your supply chain

- You can invite McGinley to join your MSP listing as a provider of apprentices.

- You can ask your supply chain to contact McGinley so your suppliers can also bring in apprentices.


Share your levy funding

The Department for Education rules allows companies to share up to 25% of their total levy if they cannot use it up. Companies can share funding even if they do not take apprentices. This funding is crucial to pay for the training costs. 

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