September 1 2015

94 per cent of customers happy with their water supply

A recent study has revealed that 94 per cent of UK household customers are satisfied with their water supply, showing the huge efforts that companies undertake to ensure the happiness of their customer base.

The survey was collated last month by the Consumer Council for Water, a statutory consumer body for the water industry across England and Wales. The survey requested the consumer’s views on water and sewerage services. An important area for infrastructure jobs, the water industry has clearly made significant levels of improvement over the years.   

It shows that overall there is a customer satisfaction rate of 94 per cent, indicating a rise of one per cent on last year’s figures. Of particular prominence was the number of consumers who were happy with the value for money offered by their water service, seeing a year-on-year rise of six per cent.

The results illustrate the commitment by the industry to deliver the best service and maximum level of customer satisfaction. However, in light of the recent issues regarding the contaminated water supply to more than 300,000 homes in Lancashire, it is clear that water companies across the UK need to continue applying their efforts so that high standards of supply are offered nationwide.

Water bills expected to drop in years ahead

While the water sector is consistently focussed on making improvements to services, one of the biggest areas where action is being taken is that of affordability. It’s for this reason alone that the price of the average water bill is likely to fall by around 5 per cent between 2015 and 2020, with water companies pledging to allocate millions of pounds to offer financial aid for customers struggling to pay their bills.

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