January 8 2021

McGinley Support Services and MECX Group announce transfer agreement for Signalling Labour

McGinley Support Services (Infrastructure) Ltd and MECX Group Ltd are pleased to announce the agreement on the transfer of certain business assets that will enable and facilitate the provision of signalling labour under McGinley's existing framework arrangements in the rail industry.

The transfer enhances McGinley's current supply capacity and enables us engage with staff and workers that are familiar with both technical requirements and contractual delivery of signalling obligations. 

The agreement's conclusion permits McGinley to assume responsibility for the delivery of all shifts which had initially been issued to MECX for delivery from 18:00 on Friday 08 January 2021 onwards.

Following the execution of the agreement, MECX will no longer have either the capability or the capacity to supply signalling resources or services and therefore all enquiries must be directed to McGinley Support Services.

Jointly, we have aimed to safeguard the supply capacity built up by MECX over the past seven years, and I would ask you to welcome, assist and support the new staff who have joined us from MECX, so they may continue to support our clients in the delivery of these signalling activities through McGinley.

Both companies are working together to ensure a smooth transition, one that is free of disruption and secures any supply arrangements, now and in the future.

In the meantime, we would like to welcome the new staff and workforce into Team McGinley and confirm our support to continue to provide the excellent service clients received form MECX over the past few years and now McGinley as we move forward in the future

For additional information, please contact Russell Otter, Operations Director at McGinley Support Services on 07584 509650 or email 

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