September 21 2015

National Eye Health Week highlights eye safety in the workplace

A special new initiative will be taking place all week that looks to highlight the importance of taking care of your eyes, also raising awareness of how to take care of your eyes in the workplace.

As part of National Eye Health Week from 21-27 September, a number of leading companies and organisations in eye care have come together to offer helpful advice on how best to take care of your eyes. Whether at home or at work in the construction industry, taking care of your eyes is absolutely essential. Just some of the ways to help improve your vision include a change of diet, an enhanced level of exercise, reduced alcohol consumption and avoiding staring into the sun with the naked eye.

Eye protection is an important part of safety training and education in the infrastructure industry. Those at all skill levels should be aware of basic eye safety and should wear eye protection where necessary, encouraging fellow workers to do so too.

How to keep your eyes safe at work

Eye test

While the National Eye Health Care Week is raising awareness in the UK, the American Optometric Association have also created some relevant and helpful information about how to keep your eyes safe in the workplace. They explain that the two leading causes for eye-related injuries at work include not wearing any eye protection at all, or wearing the wrong kind of protection for the job. It adds that some of the industries where correct eye protection is particularly important are the construction, mining and electrical industries.

They state that thousands of injuries could be prevented purely through wearing appropriate eyewear for the job at hand. The list of potential eye hazards for those in a work environment are extensive and include projectiles such as concrete, dust and metal; splashes and fumes from chemicals; radiation and blood-borne pathogens.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can take better care of your vision, click here to visit the official website for National Eye Health Week. You can read more of American Optometric Association’s advice by clicking here .

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