October 18 2018

Training & Development with McGinley

The rail industry is truly one of the best sectors in which to gain employment, with many exciting jobs available in this most crucial of areas. The good news is that entry into the rail industry isn’t limited to those who have made their way through higher education or who have gained master’s degrees, as we at McGinley are able to offer training, development, and apprenticeship schemes, making employment in the sector accessible to all. This way those interested in jobs in the rail industry have access to the wealth of knowledge at McGinley’s disposal and can gain the necessary skills for a successful career in a practical way. In this guide, we are going to highlight the benefits of entering into an apprenticeship, what it could mean for your career, and what makes McGinley a standout option! We hope this look into training and development at McGinley helps you plan your future career path.

Entering the rail industry

The rail industry is a fast-evolving sector, with fascinating and complex projects always on the horizon. As such, the industry is always looking for new talent to counteract the resulting skills shortage. As a new entrant into the sector, you can look forward to becoming a part of many important projects, helping to provide Britain with the infrastructure it needs. How can you enter the rail sector? Well, there are a number of avenues from which to choose from, but we believe one of the most fruitful is undergoing a training and development scheme with a major player in the industry. This is where McGinley comes in.

The benefits of apprenticeships

Rail workers

The benefits of undertaking an apprenticeship are numerous and can offer you some tremendous benefits in comparison to those who enter the industry after higher education. While taking the time to study at university can be appropriate for many positions, sometimes there is nothing better than getting straight into the action and learning the practical, real-world skills you will need to succeed. Theoretical knowledge is all well and good, but nothing beats the experience gained on-the-job, especially while simultaneously receiving training and development from those who are masters at what they do. Apprenticeships also act as a wonderful first step into your chosen profession and a hugely beneficial foot in the door. Not only will you have gained the requisite skills needed for a long and fruitful career after your apprenticeship, but you will also have forged strong links with your employer, who are now invested in making sure that your future remains bright.

Why train with McGinley?

So, we have established that serving an apprenticeship is a wonderful way to start a rewarding career in the rail industry but why choose McGinley? Well, there are myriad reasons why selecting us will prove to be an excellent move. For one, being a major player in the rail industry, both consulting and recruiting for over 40 years, we are ideally placed to make sure new entrants learn from the very best and proceed to work jobs that are truly satisfying. McGinley are also experts in this very area, having a long and respected record of education and training development.

Our 13-month Railway Engineering Apprenticeship gives recruits the training they need with a solid path into gaining full-time professional employment in the industry. In the past, our apprenticeship scheme has focused on South Wales, partnering with a further education college, which all in all generated 114 apprentices, providing them with the skills they need to get them working in the sector. Starting in 2018, we are taking things up a notch and casting our net wide across the UK so that we can find and train the best talent up and down the country.

Railway lines

McGinley’s new Railway Engineering Apprenticeship is in partnership with Intertrain, which is the largest railway training provider in the UK. This dynamic and rewarding apprenticeship has been purpose-built and designed for McGinley so that learners will not just be fit for work in the rail industry but will attain multi-purpose skills that employers need, such as in P-Way track work and Metro duties. This allows trainees to achieve a variety of sought-after skills that will prove to be of great benefit in climbing up the chain at McGinley and the industry at large. With such a quickly evolving and everchanging sector such as the rail industry, such skills are vital, and we are proud to be able to equip entrants with the tools they need to succeed.

A brighter future

rail apprenticeship

There’s little question that opting for an apprenticeship is not only a viable path forward in developing your career but can also be a great advantage over other forms of entry into your chosen industry. This is doubly true when it comes to those seeking work in the always-viable rail industry. The hands-on practical skills acquired through the training and development we offer at McGinley will be a tremendous advantage for those serious about forging a long-lasting career in this important sector. We believe that our apprentices and trainees will have an incredibly bright future with such a programme. If you’re willing to put in the work, there’s every reason that a McGinley apprenticeship could be the next career step you have been seeking.


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