Our health and safety management system covers all aspects of our business operation. Our system is embedded through a linear process and captures our activity end to end to ensure a robust risk management process.

Infrastructure sector compliance is very important to us. We are committed to complying with the law as a minimum, and embrace all industry standards and comply with best practices relevant to our service provision.

Our health, safety and welfare policy illustrates our commitment and philosophy. This is supported by clear objectives and targets to improve overall safety performance, ranging from risk assessment to improving safety education amongst staff. 


We believe all accidents are preventable and are committed to investigating the root causes of all incidents. We aim to identify all key areas where unacceptable risk is imported and remove or minimise the realisation of such risks. We aim to learn from all our experiences and participate in industry and client lead forums to help improve the Infrastructure industries we operate within.

We strongly encourage all individuals to report accidents, incidents and close calls to our safety department for a full safety assessment.


Everyone is responsible for safety; for their own safety and for those affected by their action or inaction. We operate a fair culture, but firmly assign individual responsibility and accountability for all members of staff and contractors, including our temporary workers. We do not expect and we will never support any person or organisation breaking rules or taking unnecessary or unacceptable risks.

The staff in our safety department are trained and operate with a strict code of confidentiality. If you have any concerns regarding health and safety, call our confidential reporting line on 07976 935 728 or email safetyteam@mcginley.co.uk we also support CIRAS, but would always encourage individuals to follow our company procedure in the first instance.



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