Welcome to McGinley Support Services. We want to keep you in consistent work with regular shifts or hours and all at fair rates. There is some key information for you on this page. You can help us by staying in touch with your Labour Manager to keep your record up to date. 

SAM is on a mission... and it's time for you to join in!

SAM, our multi-platform mobile app is designed to give you a simple & speedy way to report Close Calls and view safety briefings, anytime, anywhere.

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If you do not have the SAM app, you could miss out on important McGinley and safety-specific communications.


Supporting your Health and Wellbeing

The Lighthouse Club charity manages the Construction Industry helpline. There are four key areas of support on their app, covering:

  • Mental wellbeing tips
  • Physical wellbeing advice
  • Financial wellbeing guidance
  • Support in your local area

Professional help is available. Download the app here

Keep us up to date

Tell us about any new certificates or qualifications so we can offer you more work and keep us informed of any changes affecting your health.

Pay Queries

We want to get it right first time, but if there is a problem, we will resolve pay queries within 5 working days of receipt and will make a payment for any legitimate claim for monies owed.  



We’ll provide you with some specific training but if you want to pay for something different that will increase your rate, tell us and we’ll organise it.


Make sure you get hold of one of our On-Call phone numbers from your co-ordinator so you can call in any emergency outside office hours.

Follow on jobs

Keep in contact with your co-ordinator or link to our job search page regularly so you can see jobs coming up, and tell us about your availability.

Expect fair treatment

We operate a fair culture and consequences model when issues are raised or incidents occur. Always expect fair treatment and challenge us if you are concerned.

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